Research & Education

Media literacy is undoubtedly a crucial tool in the fight against disinformation. CEDMO is seeking to become a relevant actor for the media literacy community in Central Europe, providing expertise and educational tools, while conducting campaigns and strengthening the ecosystem to empower media literacy practitioners and others in the fight against disinformation. Media literacy education is crucial for adults as well as children. Therefore, CEDMO focuses on different target groups, from school pupils and students, to professional groups such as journalists, health workers and teachers. 

While it is widely agreed that media literacy is not the only solution to the problem of disinformation, by conducting research, educational campaigns and publishing studies on the topic, CEDMO aims to raise general media literacy levels in order to increase society’s resilience to online disinformation. A public that is both critically and digitally literate is much more likely to be able to assess the information they encounter online, to identify sources they can trust, and make well-informed decisions as citizens, consumers, and more. Media literacy is also an essential partner to regulation, in terms of improving the public’s ability to navigate the online environment more fully and creatively. 

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