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20.03.2024: Three-quarters of Slovaks perceive the spread of disinformation as a threat to Slovakia’s security

he spread of disinformation on the Internet is perceived as a severe problem by 77% of the Slovak population, which is the highest so far of all previous waves of the longitudinal CEDMO Trends survey, which is conducted for us on a monthly basis by the research agency IPSOS since August 2023. The number of people who perceive disinformation as a threat to the security of Slovakia is also increasing (76%). 39% of the population feels exposed to disinformation. What narratives were most widely spread in Slovakia in February, the month preceding the presidential elections? How many people trust them? And what are the population’s expectations regarding the election of the new head of state? – These questions are answered by the findings of the newly published thematic report on the presidential elections in Slovakia. In addition to the data from the aforementioned survey, it also contains facts recorded by CEDMO’s fact-checkers.

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