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Our Approach

Media literacy is a set of knowledge and abilities that enable people to navigate the media world and understand its laws and logic. This might include the skills needed to participate in media production.  Developing media literacy also strengthens critical thinking capabilities and the ability to assess media content critically. In the framework of the CEDMO project, we approach media literacy in a broader context, not only as a tool in the fight against disinformation, but as an essential part of education that should be accessible to all. Media literacy makes it easier to navigate  the deluge of dis/mis/information we face every day. It also enables us to make more rational decisions and not fall prey to manipulation.

Within the CEDMO project, we strengthen media literacy in Central Europe through a range of media education activities aimed at different target groups in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Poland.

We carefully tailor our outreach activities to the specific educational needs of various population groups.  We aim to improve  critical reading skills, critical evaluation of information, and the ability to recognize manipulative elements within media narratives. So, what exactly are we doing? Check out our activities!

CEDMO’s media literacy unit is coordinated by Lucie Šťastná from the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University.

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Lucie Šťastná
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