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Additional Tips

Learn more about disinformation and its context

We have prepared a selection of the most interesting resources and tips about various disinformation activities and projects, thanks to which you can gain new knowledge about the disinformation landscape. These resources are not outputs of the CEDMO project, nor were they financed from the project.

Truth Labs for Education’s videos that help not to be manipulated

Truth Labs for Education is a collaboration between Cambridge University, the University of Bristol, and Google Jigsaw. They created a series of short videos designed to help people resist unwanted persuasion online. The videos are rooted in a framework from social psychology called inoculation theory, which posits that by exposing people to a weakened dose of a persuasive argument or technique and pre-emptively refuting it, they develop psychological resistance against future manipulative persuasion attempts. The topics of the videos are Emotional Language, Incoherence, False Dichotomy, Scapegoating and Ad Hominem Attack. You can learn more on the website

European Commission‘s Guidelines for teachers and educators on tackling disinformation and promoting digital literacy through education and training

The Guidelines provide hands-on guidance for teachers and educators, including practical tips, activity plans, insights on topics and cautionary notes grounded in what works as concerns digital literacy and education and training. They aim to generate a broader understanding of digital literacy achieved through education and training, to promote responsible and safe use of digital technologies. It is intended for primary and school teachers/educators with various levels of experience and knowledge in the field. Download the Guidelines here.

InVID-WeVerify verification plugin for journalists, fact-checkers or teachers

This plugin has been designed to save time and help become more efficient in fact-checking and debunking tasks on social networks, especially when verifying videos and images. This toolbox allows you to quickly get contextual information on Facebook and X images and videos, as well as on Youtube videos, to perform reverse image search on Google, Yandex, Bing and other search engines, to fragment videos from various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,X etc.) into keyframes, to enhance and explore keyframes and images through a magnifying lens, to check the video copyrights, to quickly search for fact checks or cross-network queries and much more. For more information, see

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