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Strategy Board


Václav Moravec

Member of the Strategy Board, Charles University (CU)

Václav Moravec works at the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences of CU and at the Department of Production at FAMU in Prague. He specializes in audiovisual media transformation, journalistic ethics, automated and artificial intelligence journalism. He has authored and co-authored several books. Václav Moravec leads two discussion programmes in the Czech TV and has received several national awards for his journalistic work. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Artificial Intelligence Initiative PRG.AI, among others.


Luboš Král

Member of the Project Executive Board, Czech Technical University (CTU)

Luboš Král is the Head of the Artificial Intelligence Centre at the Department of Computer Science of CTU in Prague. He is working mainly on projects linking research and development, including areas such as journalism, media, “mission-critical” and “life-critical” systems, including business partnership with large producers of medical devices, telecommunication systems for airports, railways and navy, automotive and others. Luboš Král is focusing on interconnection of research teams, engaging application partners, mainly in informatics, AI and machine learning.


Mária Bieliková

Member of the Strategy Board, Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies (KInIT)

Mária Bieliková is the Director General at KInIT in Bratislava. She is a former member of the High-Level Expert Group on AI established by the European Commission and is still engaged in national and European discussions on trustworthy AI. Currently she chairs the Permanent Committee for Ethics and Regulation of AI established by the Slovak Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization. Mária Bieliková has led research focusing on human-computer interaction analysis, user modelling and personalization, data analysis and modelling of antisocial behavior on the web.


Christine Buhagiar

Member of the Strategy Board, Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Christine Buhagiar is AFP’s Director for Europe and has spent her entire career with the Agency. She began on the France desk and then joined the political and afterwards the economics service. She was appointed to the London bureau as News Editor during the Blair years. Returning to Paris she led the creation of a competitive AFP video production. Back to London in 2010 as head of video for Europe and Africa, she was later appointed Deputy Director of video responsible for international development. Christine Buhagiar has become Director for Europe in 2015.


Petr Gongala

Member of the Strategy Board,

Petr Gongala is the coordinator of, the sole dedicated fact-checking project in the Czech Republic. He has worked as a fact-checker, authored promise tracking publications and set up voting apps as part of the team at Besides activism, Petr took part in political research as a quantitative analyst focused on geostatistics and predictive analysis of voting. He is also a senior research analyst at IDC, working with large datasets in advanced statistical models, designing interactive maps and presentations of statistical results.

ATC_Ioannis Kliafas

Yannis Kliafas

Member of the Strategy Board, Athens Technology Center (ATC)

Yannis Kliafas is the President of the Board of Directors and a founding member of ATC in Athens. Prior to this, he has worked as a Research Director in the Hellenic Arms Industry, a Visiting Associate Professor at the Technical University of Crete, Chania as well as a Visiting Professor at Imperial College of Science and Technology, London. Yannis Kliafas serves as the President of ATC since 2003, previously being its Managing Director and is a member of the Board and the Steering Committee of the NESSI European Technology Platform.

Martin Solík_photo

Martin Solík

Member of the Strategy Board, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius (UCM)

Martin Solík works at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication at UCM in Trnava. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Communication Today and the Deputy Managing Editor of Acta Ludologica, being a member of Editorial Boards of several other journals. He is interested in moral, social and political philosophy and among others, his academic writings discuss the problem of social recognition and its media reflections, media portrayals of marginalized social groups, and the influence of media and new ICT on human cognitive processes.

Karina Stasiuk-Krajewska

Karina Stasiuk-Krajewska

Member of the Strategy Board, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS)

Professor Karina Stasiuk-Krajewska is a media expert, specializing in media theory and ethics of professional communication. She has authored almost 70 publications, mostly in Polish, including three books. Her research interests focus on theory of communication and mass media as well as axiology. She is also interested in professionalization of different branches of public communication, in particular journalism and public relations, as well as theory and methodology of discourse analysis in approaches developed by Foucault, Laclau and Mouffe.

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