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Doctored Biden image sparks baseless CGI, green screen claims

Doctored Biden image sparks baseless CGI, green screen claims - Featured image

Author(s): Bill MCCARTHY / AFP USA

An image that appears to show three hands gripping a podium as Joe Biden speaks is fueling online claims that the US president uses a green screen or computer-generated imagery (CGI) to fake his public appearances. But the picture is altered; only two hands are visible in genuine footage of the address.

“When you thought you’ve seen it all,” says text over an image shared June 27, 2023 on Twitter and Instagram.

Screenshot from Twitter taken June 29, 2023

The picture appears to show Biden speaking with three hands resting on a podium. It sparked a number of comments claiming Biden employs a “green screen,” “CGI” or the help of a “puppeteer.”

Similar conspiracy theories have targeted Biden for years, often amplified by opponents who say he is too old for the job at 80.

But the photo shared online has been manipulated.

A reverse image search reveals the screenshot was taken from footage of Biden’s February 24, 2022 remarks addressing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (archived here). The original White House video shows Biden moving his hands throughout — with no third limb in sight.

The moment captured in the image circulating online appears to occur at approximately the 6:10 mark of the White House’s video.

Screenshot from YouTube taken June 29, 2023

AFP has debunked other misinformation about US politics here.

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