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Enjoy watching and listening to the “Contexts” series!


We have already published most of the planned ten episodes of the “Contexts” series, which allows the public to look at disinformation and its consequences from many points of view.

We interviewed many experts, including researchers, journalists, and science popularizers, who deal with disinformation in a variety of contexts. The concept for the series was prepared, and the interviews were conducted, by Dr. Katarzyna Bakowicz of SWPS University.

“By preparing a series of in-depth interviews, presenting different ways of looking at disinformation and different contexts and functions of information in social life, we wanted to show the whole complexity of the issue. We are convinced that disinformation and social susceptibility to it are rooted in many spheres of social life – in our history, culture, attitude to science, but also the attitude to other people,” says Karina Stasiuk-Krajewska, PhD, professor at SWPS University and coordinator of CEDMO in Poland.

Here is the list of our guests:

1 – Adam Leszczyński

2 – Maciek Okraszewski

3 – Sylwia Hutnik 

4 – Karina Stasiuk-Krajewska

5 – Aleksandra Stanisławska

6 – Michał Wenzel

7 – Marcin Napiórkowski

8 – Zbigniew Mikołejko

9 – Kamila Drzewicka 

We have one more episode ahead of us. In October, we will be talking to psychologist Paulina Wojkiewicz about why we are so susceptible to misinformation. Please join us!

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