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The New EDMO Fact-Checking Brief is Out!

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EDMO has published its latest monthly fact-checking brief. The main focus is on disinformation and conspiracy theories regarding the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

The devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on Monday February 6, 2023 was major news and, as usually happens with major media stories, disinformation immediately followed.

– The vast majority of the detected disinformation in the EU does not appear to push a specific agenda (e.g. false images or videos of the disaster that do not foster or suggest specific narratives to the general public).

– But soon some conspiracy theories also started circulating in the EU, in particular about the earthquake being caused by the High-frequency active auroral research program (Haarp) technology, and being a USA/NATO’s revenge against Erdoğan.

Read more about this and other disinformation narrative in the Brief!

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