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Debunking as a Method of Uncovering Disinformation and Fake News


The chapter published in VIŠŇOVSKÝ, J. & RADOŠINSKÁ, J. (eds).: Fake News Is Bad News. Hoaxes, Half-truths and the Nature of Today’s Journalism. London : IntechOpen, 2021 focuses on ‘debunking’ – a method of identifying disinformation, or rather a media genre that is associated with investigative journalism. The present study by researchers from the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius (UCM) in Trnava aims to further explain why more and more media recipients currently express their trust in disinformation or various conspiracy theories. Consequently, the text’s contribution to the contemporary scholarly discussion on journalism lies in defining various journalistic strategies associated with publicly uncovering false information.

Authors: Zuzana Kvetanová, Anna Kačincová Predmerská, Magdaléna Švecová
Read the publication here.

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