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Our Guide for Parents “How to deal with disinformation” is Available in Polish

polish guide

The Polish CEDMO team has prepared a guide entitled “How to deal with disinformation.” The publication contains practical advice on how to avoid being influenced by disinformation messages.

The guide explains, among other things, the role of emotions in assimilating information and how to deal with these emotions when faced with potentially disinformative content. You’ll get recommendations, tips, and practical advice on carefully monitoring and controlling your emotions so that you don’t get lost in the vast amount of data coming at us. The publication also shares possible reactions to situations where someone else is susceptible to misinformation. How should parents and teachers behave? And why is media education so important?

The publication can be downloaded here.

The guide’s author is Dr. Jakub Kuś, a psychologist from SWPS University specializing in new technologies and human behavior.

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